Freedom through Forgiveness

What is forgiveness?

When things go wrong between us and someone else, or when we hurt someone, there is a burden that is placed upon both parts. These burdens can take many forms: guilt, anger, frustration. At its core, forgiveness recognizes what it is to be human, the divinity within us, and chooses to free both oneself and others from the influence of those negative emotions that burden us. As we are human, we make mistakes. It is wise and kind to accept them and allow everyone involved to move on and heal… even yourself! Especially yourself.

You may feel like what you did was unforgivable. I don’t believe in unforgivable offense, everyone deserves the chance to recognize and learn from a negative experience: that is the essence of change.

The process…

Let me guide you through the process of forgiveness in this video. You will learn to welcome your imperfections and love yourself the way you are. There is goodness within you, no matter what wrongs we may have done or endured. That goodness is so powerful that it will turn every mistake into wisdom, all the pain you go through will manifest itself into love through time. Please watch the video when you are ready, and open yourself to forgiveness. You can forgive yourself or someone else, or even a situation.


Once you recognize and forgive, the burdens will slowly and consciously lift from your shoulders. Relief comes with time and carries with it the knowledge needed to be a higher version of yourself. It takes strength to bless someone or something that hurt you, even if that person is yourself, but once you do it, you will feel that strength coursing through you, and the people in your life will certainly appreciate your higher vibrations as well.

Thank you for opening yourself to forgiveness. This practice is a beautiful one, full of love. Congratulations on this experience, please let me know how you felt.

With love,


NLP Training

NLP Practitioner Training, Newark

We have spoken about NLP and MER before. In fact, there’s an article about each of these wonderful techniques in my blog! But this time, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be attending a training, extensive and focused, on the 20th through 23rd of this month.

As usual, when these opportunities arise, I’m always first to sign up, seeking to expand my knowledge in these fields so I can count with a broader spectrum of tools to help my clients, and even share with you online. That said, it’s a unique experience I hope will bring in many positive things: learning under Dr. Matt from Empowerment, Inc. and his trusted Trainers, being first and foremost.

There’s something amazing about great volumes of knowledge being offered in workshops like these. They are not only a moment to learn, but also to form strong bonds that will last forever, dedicated on making the world a better place by empowering people all around it to be the best version of themselves!

Keep your eyes peeled for my updates from the Workshop, I’m sure there will be lots to share with you.

Here’s an excerpt from their page:

“At the Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training, you’ll receive hands-on training, demonstrations, tools and techniques, and an action plan to put into practice as a certified practitioner following the sessions. Best of all, sessions are backed by our 100%‑satisfaction guarantee.”

This is also an encouragement for you. I have over ten years of training in NLP, and I’m always looking for more. The secret to success, as we’ve talked before, is allowing yourself room to grow and fighting stagnation with challenges that keep you always on your toes, ready to make a leap of faith to bigger and better achievements each time.

Thank you, as always, for reading. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!



Los Beneficios de Meditar por la Mañana

Puede ser que te ocurra que te despiertes sintiendo que no tienes un objetivo, o peor, que hoy no será tu día. Solemos ponernos límites a nosotros mismos con nuestras mentes, y esas barreras son tan poderosas… ¡que incluso llegan a arruinar una mañana perfecta y, por consiguiente, una jornada óptima! Me gustaría mostrarte cómo meditar por la mañana puede ayudarte a hacer buen uso de tus energías para disfrutar al máximo tu día y sacarle el jugo a cada momento.

Meditar por la Mañana tiene Beneficios…

…no solo para tu bienestar mental, también en muchos otros aspectos de tu ser. Propongo como ejemplo que ayuda a disminuir el ritmo cardíaco, lo cual es beneficioso para pacientes con hipertensión o condiciones similares. También te permite mantener tu mente centrada, ¡lo cual tendrá sin dudas un impacto positivo en tu desempeño, ya sea laboral, académico o incluso en tu actividad de ocio preferida! Lo que es más: sabemos que un cuerpo relajado funciona mejor, ya que cuando estamos tensos, la energía que gastamos en ese estado se libera toda al mismo tiempo en el momento en que nos calmamos, lo cual lleva a un fenómeno conocido como burnout. ¡No queremos que eso te ocurra!

Alguien que medita camina por la acera soleada, por así decirlo. Comenzar cada mañana con una rápida rutina de meditación asegura una calma duradera, a diferencia de alguien que corre por la vida de un lugar al otro desde el momento en que se despierta.
Cuando te sientas y canalizas tus pensamientos, también podrás identificar cuáles son beneficiosos y separarlos de los que te impiden alcanzar tu pleno potencial. ¡Hay mucho que aprender de tu mente interior! Tan sólo es cuestión de darte la oportunidad.

Cómo comenzar

La única y verdadera forma de empezar una rutina de Meditación por la Mañana y obtener sus muchos beneficios… ¡es haciéndolo!
Debajo de este post te voy a dejar un enlace a otro artículo (en Inglés) donde explico el procedimiento de la rutina de Siete Pasos para meditar por la mañana que he hecho para compartir contigo. También puedes acceder a mis páginas de Youtube e Instagram: hay en ellas una rutina para cada persona. La meditación es un proceso personal, por lo cual estoy feliz de acompañarte para que halles la rutina que más se te adecúe. No te desanimes si al principio te resulta difícil, o si tu mente se siente dispersa, ya que toma tiempo aprender a dominar nuestros pensamientos. Con el tiempo y la práctica podrás ser un maestro de la Meditación, y serás una versión más feliz y saludable de ti mismo.

Gracias por tu tiempo. Quisiera invitarte a compartir tu opinión conmigo. ¿Has probado ya la meditación? ¿Qué efectos tuvo en ti?

Con amor,

Wesak Meditation

Wesak: Why do we meditate?

What is Wesak? On every Full Moon, the energies that surround our planet’s atmosphere knit closer to us, greatly empowering our connection to Divinity, which inhabits us as well as the Earth.

The most important part about these festivals, which occur during the three Full Moons of Spring, is that meditating during them will not only raise our vibrations, enabling prosperity to a greater degree; but also bless Mother Earth herself, helping along on these trying times.
Wesak, in particular, happens during the Taurus Full Moon, this year the 26th of April. It is also known as Buddha day, and it is one of the most important festivals for Buddhists all over the world!

Click on the video to begin!

How to meditate…

Every meditation begins with an invocation, as well as a cleansing of the space around us. As you know, this will ensure that the heightened Divinity your meditation produces on you spreads to every cell of your body, as well as your surroundings: we human beings are inseparable from our environment! By properly cleansing the room where you meditate with sound (a bell), scent (incense) and vibrations (clapping), you will be able to get its full positive effects.

But, of course, cleansing wouldn’t be complete without inner cleansing! That is why we do exercises before each meditation.

Now… are you ready to bless all your projects, your health, loved ones, and Earth? Click the video above if you haven’t already and join me in this wonderful meditation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bit past the Full Moon, you can always meditate again the next one!

Further reading…

Wesak is full of wonderful ideas you can share with your friends and loved ones. This planetary crisis of Covid has many people living in fear, or sick and ailing. You can help all of them, sharing with them the spirit of Full Moon meditation! I recommend you go to, or, if you prefer, for more wonderful information that explains the spirit of Wesak Meditation even in more depth!

If you want to receive more informatión on this meditation, please go to this link & download a PDF with a great lecture to read!

Thank you for joining me today, and congratulations on this powerful morning meditation! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, or answer any questions you may have.



MER: Introduction to Mental Emotional Release

To answer the question ‘What is Mental Emotional Release?’ we first must pose another set of questions: Can our Energy help us stay healthy? Are we humans truly in control of our situation, when we are bombarded with negativity all around?

These are questions I often come across in this field, but fear not! The answer to both questions is definitely yes. If you’ve seen my ‘Must Read’ section, you’ll know there’s a lot to be learned from the 1990 book “Beliefs” by Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith. But let’s take an even closer look to the nature of our Mind’s Power, shall we?

We’re made aware, through a series of studies that R. Lipton referenced in his book “Biology of beliefs”, that cells respond to their environment accordingly. “The cells could be observed reacting positively to positive energy and negatively to negative energy. And the response was almost immediate,” says an article1 from Psychology Today. I personally think that’s fascinating. If our energies are so intrinsically connected to our body’s health, then we have no time to lose in taking the first step towards fostering Healthier Energy.

The Method of Mental Emotional Release

You may be aware of the problems in your everyday life; or stress may come from the world around you. No matter what, never be deluded into thinking that you cannot do anything about that stress! The truth is that our body knows how to keep us safe and healthy in dire situations, and all we need to do is persuade the unconscious mind to tap into that atavist knowledge. This process is spearheaded by Mental Emotional Release (MER for short), a process Dr. Matt James devised, which has helped countless people let go of their limiting, unconscious beliefs and guide their body and mind into alignment. If you’d like to hear about Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which goes hand in hand with MER, here’s an article about it!

What do you think about this? Have you ever been aware of your energy helping or sabotaging you?

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. If you’d like to know more about MER, feel free to contact us.

Kindly, Fernando.

The Many Benefits of Morning Meditation

Don’t you usually find yourself starting your morning aimlessly, or even worse, feeling like today won’t be your day? Often we apply limits to ourselves with our own minds, and those limits can be powerful enough to ruin a perfect morning, and as a result, a perfect day! I would like to show you the benefits of morning meditation, and how it can help you harness your energies to better go about your day and use every moment to the max.

Meditation has benefits…

Not only to your mental wellness, but also many other aspects of your being. Take, for example, how it slows your heart rate, helping people with medical conditions. It also allows you to remain focused, which will positively impact your performance, whether you work, study or do your favorite activity! And a relaxed body is known to work better: when we tense up, the energy we spend in that state is then released all at once when you finally calm down, which can lead to what we call burnout. We don’t want that to happen!

Someone who meditates will be often walking on the sunny side of the street. Starting your mornings with a quick meditation ensures that you’ll remain calm more likely than someone who’s running about their day from the moment they wake up.
When you sit down and channel your thoughts, you’ll be able to identify which of those thoughts are helpful to you, and which are holding you back from your full potential. There’s many things you can learn from your inner mind, you just have to give it a chance!

Getting started.

The one and only way to truly start a morning meditation routine, reaping all its benefits, is to do it! You can click here to go to another article where I explain the Seven-step morning routine I made to share with you all. You can also look around my Youtube and Instagram pages: there’s certainly something that can help you find the meditation that works best for you! It’s a learning process, so don’t be discouraged if it seems like your mind wanders too much. With time, you’ll be able to master meditation. You’ll be a healthier, happier you.

Thank you for your time, I’d love to hear about your thoughts on meditation. Have you tried it before? What did you feel?



Unmasking the One-person Success

A brief history of Success

Throughout the ages of humanity, the idea of success has changed at a speedy pace. Taking 5th century BCE Athens as an example, we know its people, just having seen a tyrant fall, valued politics greatly. The mark of success then could be drawn between those who achieved a political position within their city-state, preferably within the council, and those who never did.

Some of these successful individuals have transcended their time and space and their lives are remembered even today, long after they have died. But, do we have to measure them with the same scale of success? In the book Mindset, the new Psychology of Success (2006, Carol S. Dweck) we can see how success; or rather, the way we view it, has taken a turn. Dweck tells us about Thomas Edison, who, contrary to what you might be thinking, wasn’t a reclusive genius in a lab-coat but a savvy entrepreneur who knew how to catch the eyes of the press.

The question that needs asking

Why does this idea of a lone genius prevail in our minds, then? Here’s what Mindset can teach us about it:

“There are many myths about ability and achievement, especially about the lone, brilliant person suddenly producing amazing things.”(Dweck, 2006, page 57)

If we look deeper into it, we can see that people tend to blame their own failures on others. When it comes to comparing oneself, it’s easy to say “Yes, Edison was a genius and one-of-a-kind, that’s why he succeeded and I don’t”. You’d be surprised to see how many people are inclined to compliment others using words like talent, inspiration and genius.

What really makes people tick, as Dweck puts it? It’s not strict discipline, and it certainly isn’t ‘dumbed-down’ content. We conclude that people thrive when their curiosities are encouraged, their minds fed constant incentives in a loving network of support and companionship. There’s this distinction between people with a ‘growth’ mindset, those who challenge themselves to constantly do better and learn proactively, and people with a ‘fixed’ mindset. It’s as simple as “I couldn’t pass this exam, so I must be dumb”.

The wonderful thing about people is that anyone can develop to unbelievable extents, given the proper guidance and encouragement. Changing from a fixed to a growth mindset is not only possible, but important to do as early as possible. Allow your potential to unfold and never stagnate!



Fountain of Youth: Five Tibetan Rites

What is “Fountain of Youth”?

Fountain of Youth is a Tibetan routine you can do very quickly- it takes about five minutes! If you have a bit of time and you’re looking to center yourself, why don’t you do this with me?

We have learned that these exercises are made for anyone, there’s no age restriction! You can measure your own routine based on your needs, and your body’s limits. Please, always listen to your body! You will note that it moves your spine and all of your body, helping you remain young: hence the name. Since it’s only five Tibetan poses, each of them are extremely important, and we usually take some time between pose and pose to feel the changes in our body, how our energy flows, the love we experience and the unity.
All of this golden energy the Tibetan rites center will raise your vibrations and let your body know you want to live longer and more fully.

This exercise is a part of our longer morning routine called Sunrise Meditation: Seven Steps. You can find that here!

How do we do it?

As always, we begin with an invocation and a moment of meditation, so we may engage our Crown Chakra and higher soul.
Follow along with the video for the best experience. If you want the Fountain of Youth book by Peter Kelder, I highly recommend you to purchase it, you certainly will not regret it! It even contains detailed images of these rites you can take with you wherever you need, to always have this tool at your disposal. That way, you can be certain to improve your day and keep your youth and health.

Thank you for sharing this Sunrise Meditation with me! We would love to hear what you thought of it! 🙏🏻☀️



Sunrise Meditation: Seven Steps Morning Routine

Seven Steps Routine

Welcome to this installment of Sunrise Meditation! Today I want to share the finished seven-step routine we’ve put together collectively through many Wednesdays. It’s a shared effort to build something that I hope you will treasure as much as I do. The best part is, these seven important steps combined will only take you around half an hour, and as a result, this morning routine is perfect to start off your day with a bright smile and all your energy in the right places.

Let’s begin!


Just as we do every time, we will start with an invocation. This part is flexible, and you can write one that suits your spiritual beliefs. I personally mention the Supreme God Divine Father, Divine Mother, my Master, and all the spiritual teachers. Then, my Divine soul and Divine self. Thanking all of these entities for their blessings is important to me, as it is a moment to connect, to ensure that you’re putting out as many thankful energies as the blessings you will receive. All of us have a Divine soul, we’re divine beings. Isn’t that beautiful?


A very important part of this morning routine is the exercising and activating of all your energy centers. We’ve done these exercises before, and you can follow along with the video very easily, seeing as they’re all focused on making sure your energy is well cleansed before the meditation itself can begin. Master Choa Kok Sui designed them for Twin Hearts meditation, which is one of the following steps. Now, we will delve right into the Laughing Buddha!

Laughing Buddha

Did you know there are many different Buddhas? You probably did, but I’m going to tell you about a meditation you can do to order your mind and body into unyielding happiness! This exercise not only is fun, but also short and extremely powerful. Follow along with me in the video for the full experience.

We’re going to adopt a specific position for this; namely, a mudra: hand-and-finger gestures of power. Stand up straight with your legs spread at shoulder width and align your hands with your crown chakra, above your head and facing up. You’re going to be bouncing, so watch those knees! With your eyes looking ahead at 45º up, let your tongue hang out of your mouth. Now let out those laughs!

Twin Hearts

Next up is the Meditation on Twin Hearts, one of the most healing meditation routines I have the pleasure of knowing. Guided by voice, it’s all about connecting to your higher, divine self and channeling healing energies onto Mother Earth, and all of Humanity. Thanks to this, your love will have blessed the planet we live in, and turned into a daily practice Twin Hearts can turn tides, making this world a better one.

Fountain of Youth

This is a routine of five Tibetan rites to shake off an entire year of lockdown. You will note that it moves your spine and all of your body, helping you remain young: hence the name. Since it’s only five Tibetan poses, each of them are extremely important, and we usually take some time between pose and pose to feel the changes in our body, how our energy flows, the love we experience and the unity it brings forth.
All of this golden energy the Tibetan rites center will raise your vibrations and let your body know you want to live longer and more fully.

Super Brain Yoga

This is another one of Master’s teachings, it’s a surefire way to guide your brain to its full potential. Please stay tuned for next week’s article on Super Brain Yoga, where we’ll learn about its full effects. Follow along with me on the video!


At last, the most important part of it all: you’re going to be blessing everything around you, from your house and family to the people you work with. All of these people and places deserve your love and blessings, and they will return the light and love to you.

Finally, I want you to take a minute to give thanks to yourself, and congratulate yourself for making it to the end of today’s morning routine: the Seven Steps Sunrise Meditation! Thank you!



Yoga: what it is, and how it can help you.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a series of ancient practises rooted on strengthening the mind, body, and spirit connection. There are many schools of yoga, and each has different focus points. My goal today is to share with you a few routines I do every day! I believe that sharing good things makes us better people; and since yoga is one of the things I do daily, I really want you to experience it. The reason is it makes me more aware, sharpens my mind and helps me get ready for day-to-day life. Knowing that yoga can help you so much, I invite you to try it!

15-minute warmup yoga

This video will show you the routine I do as warm-up. Wear something comfortable, because you’ll be moving a lot! Once you’ve finished doing this small yoga routine, I invite you to relax and let your body get to know its new heightened state; since the result of the connecting process that is Yoga is best appreciated right after the exercise. You will find just how much yoga can help you!

I strongly recommend doing yoga every morning, since it can give you energy to last the entire day, as well as prevent and heal things like scoliosis pain, sore muscles, numbness, etc. The benefits are many, and you won’t regret it.

So what is the best way to practise yoga?

First of all, try finding a calm area, whether indoors or outdoors, where you won’t be bothered by sudden noises, distractions and worries. Most people like to accompany their routine with the smell of a stick of incense, natural flowers, or perfumes. For starters, a simple yoga mat is great, although some swear by exercise mattresses or eva foam carpeting. Here, you will be able to choose as you experience more options!

If you’re not very flexible, you can start with a routine that encourages you to go as far as you can without pushing your limits too much. It is important to do yoga figures with calm and a controlled breathing. Usually, the yoga instructor will teach you the breathing technique as you go.

Remember, don’t use strength, use your breathing! If you find a pose too difficult, it is alright to switch to an easier version. Mastery comes with time and discipline, and those are virtues yoga can help you build.

Thank you for joining me🙏🏻! I’d love to hear what yoga routines you like to do, or maybe you can tell me about your own!

As always, you can reach out by leaving your comments! 🧘