Freedom through Forgiveness

What is forgiveness?

When things go wrong between us and someone else, or when we hurt someone, there is a burden that is placed upon both parts. These burdens can take many forms: guilt, anger, frustration. At its core, forgiveness recognizes what it is to be human, the divinity within us, and chooses to free both oneself and others from the influence of those negative emotions that burden us. As we are human, we make mistakes. It is wise and kind to accept them and allow everyone involved to move on and heal… even yourself! Especially yourself.

You may feel like what you did was unforgivable. I don’t believe in unforgivable offense, everyone deserves the chance to recognize and learn from a negative experience: that is the essence of change.

The process…

Let me guide you through the process of forgiveness in this video. You will learn to welcome your imperfections and love yourself the way you are. There is goodness within you, no matter what wrongs we may have done or endured. That goodness is so powerful that it will turn every mistake into wisdom, all the pain you go through will manifest itself into love through time. Please watch the video when you are ready, and open yourself to forgiveness. You can forgive yourself or someone else, or even a situation.


Once you recognize and forgive, the burdens will slowly and consciously lift from your shoulders. Relief comes with time and carries with it the knowledge needed to be a higher version of yourself. It takes strength to bless someone or something that hurt you, even if that person is yourself, but once you do it, you will feel that strength coursing through you, and the people in your life will certainly appreciate your higher vibrations as well.

Thank you for opening yourself to forgiveness. This practice is a beautiful one, full of love. Congratulations on this experience, please let me know how you felt.

With love,