Fountain of Youth: Five Tibetan Rites

What is “Fountain of Youth”?

Fountain of Youth is a Tibetan routine you can do very quickly- it takes about five minutes! If you have a bit of time and you’re looking to center yourself, why don’t you do this with me?

We have learned that these exercises are made for anyone, there’s no age restriction! You can measure your own routine based on your needs, and your body’s limits. Please, always listen to your body! You will note that it moves your spine and all of your body, helping you remain young: hence the name. Since it’s only five Tibetan poses, each of them are extremely important, and we usually take some time between pose and pose to feel the changes in our body, how our energy flows, the love we experience and the unity.
All of this golden energy the Tibetan rites center will raise your vibrations and let your body know you want to live longer and more fully.

This exercise is a part of our longer morning routine called Sunrise Meditation: Seven Steps. You can find that here!

How do we do it?

As always, we begin with an invocation and a moment of meditation, so we may engage our Crown Chakra and higher soul.
Follow along with the video for the best experience. If you want the Fountain of Youth book by Peter Kelder, I highly recommend you to purchase it, you certainly will not regret it! It even contains detailed images of these rites you can take with you wherever you need, to always have this tool at your disposal. That way, you can be certain to improve your day and keep your youth and health.

Thank you for sharing this Sunrise Meditation with me! We would love to hear what you thought of it! 🙏🏻☀️