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Welcome to Coaching for Coaches!

Coaching for Coaches Specifically focus on – New Coaches, NLP(ers), Pranic Healers, Energy workers, massage therapists, or practitioners in general.

Strategically helping the client to understand the Big Picture and identify the areas that need attention. Fast and thorough release work of what is not working. Deep integration work for parts & conflicts. The most important is “The Values Work” since values dictate your behaviors and actions. Also, Timeline Therapy (re-birth), re-writing your past, and installing your goals into your future. Finally, develop and create your “Business Avatar”. We close with motivation strategies to keep your focus on your goals and integrated them into your neurology!

This is my overall plan for you, I am sure you will Love it 




Why is it Important Coaching for Coaches?

When we find our passion we start learning techniques, and with every technique that we learn in our path, we fall in love and we use it until we nail it, Right? Now you own the technique but still, we don’t know the business.

Then, you move to the next one. You study, use it, practice it, and nail it! Bang!! Another technique is yours. And so on but we still don’t know the business.

And the next one. And the learning becomes fast and more fulfilling. Then we feel ready to grow to have more clients, to be more serious, responsible, and especially more professional.

This program is created to help you to create the persona that you need to become to run the business that you want to run, making the money you want to make in the shortest time possible.

1 – Setting Your Goals . . .
. . . and where you want to go. Designing the next 5, the next 10 years is so vitally important.

Then you have to get serious about another important subject:

2 – Personal Development. Become the kind of person that you want to be!

. . . Personal development is striving hard to become the kind of person that you want to be, 10 years from now, you will surely become someone.

The big question is WHO and WHAT are you becoming?

NOTE – Together we can remove all the inner blockages that are preventing your business to grow, your mind to expand, and your action plan to get into movement and produce the result that you desire.

On my path, I studied, learned, and participated in so many workshops and skills. Tapping, Integrated Eye Movement Therapy, EFT, Rapid Eye, Pranic Healing, NLP, Hypnotherapy, MER, Arhatic Yoga, Energy work.

How does it Work?

Let’s go together through the process of the Four Requisites for Change.

First, Acceptance of reality and Release Work, eliminating everything that is not working, and Neg Emotions, All the limiting beliefs that are not aligned with the business. Integrate all the dualities and finally Re Elicit Your Business Values so we can create The Person that you need to become to run your business Creating Your Business Avatar.

Second, Smart Goals Setting and strategies development. Aligned with the “New Values” and with the support of “Business Avatar” we will install in your neurology your new behavior and “Create the Future You” and “Place Your Goals in the Future”.

Then, Taking Action, procrastination to motivation. Execution and methodology. Boundaries and Life-style change. New Mind Set completely Goals oriented.

Last, Keep Yourself Focused – Goals from 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years.

Start early and keep on moving forward and success is yours.

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If you want to be transformed you have to be intentional in life. I want you to remember this: Most people don’t lead their life – they accept their life. And when you accept your life you are living on things that are “Not Worthy of Your Time, Your Effort or Your Energy”.

To go uphill you have to be intentional. Nobody ever went uphill without being intentional. You never read a book on accidental achievement.

“To Transformed You Have To Be Intentional

I know you know this – Learning more is rarely enough to do the trick! As you know, you need to choose a direction, take action, and keep moving forward in order to succeed. You need to have and execute your own action plan.

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