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FerCoaching Services

Life Coaching, Spiritual Advisor & Energy Healing 


We need to understand the big picture in life and in witch context things situation and events affect us to be able to use our past to empower our present. Knowing, clearing, organizing and planning in a very specific way will Empower Your Life!

~ Fernando Gonçalves Bôrrega

New Services!!!

"The Breakthrough Session & Coaching"

Life Changing  & Empowering

New Services!!!

"Coaching for Coaches"

Develop your skills into expertise & confidence.

Professional Coaching

for Business & Life Balance

Monthly Coaching Packages

Energy work,

Spiritual guidance & Healing

Energy Work Packages

Book reviews

The Four Agreements

Don Miguel Ruiz



Robert Pool & Anders Ericsson


Slight Edge

Jeff Olson


The Surrender Experiment

Michael A. Singer