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Coaching, and Consulting Programs

Career & Profession – Family Functionality – Relationships & get the partner you deserve – Spirituality, Spiritual Growth, Daily Practice, & Self-Love

In Person Sessions   –   Zoom Sessions   –   Group Sessions    –  Travel Sessions   –   Spirituality events   –    Meditation  &  Ceremonies – Plant Medicine

Are you craving a Big Change,
Ready to Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse?

Ever feel like life’s dragging you along instead of you leading the charge? 

Now, You can Transform Your Life in just a few hours!

It’s time to be intentional, to grab life by the horns, and make it YOURS. But hey, I get it. Learning more isn’t always the fix you need. Sometimes, you gotta clear out those negative vibes, old traumas, and pesky blockages before you can make real progress.

That’s where our Free Consultation Is your ticket to fast-tracking your journey to success. Whether you’re craving a big change, ready to unleash your inner powerhouse, or just want to level up ASAP, we’ve got your back.

The Most Common are that my clients work on

  • Relationships – “Are you Divorcing?”, “Create Space for a New Relationship”
  • Family – “Make peace, New Values, New Dynamic”
  • Career – “Clear blockages, find the area of expansion & Growth”
  • Spirituality – “Arhatic Yogas, Pranic Healing, and other modalities” 
  • Sports Perf. – “Clearing Trauma & New Mindset” (Runners, Swimmers, Tennis Players)
  • Health – “Create the healthy life you always dream of”, “Walk away from Cancer“, “Prepare for Surgery & Recovery from It” 
  • Addictions – “Emotional Self-destructive tendencies”, “Substance and Drug”, “Alcohol Recovery Support – Mind, Body, & Energy”
  • Others – Stock No Options, Rare Diseases or conditions, Dyslexia, Panic Attacks, Phobias
  • Energy Healing – Chakras, Aura(s), Cords, Beliefs, Negative Emotions “Clearing & Energizing”

Ready to take the leap?

Book our FREE Consultation or Discovery Session now and let's satisfy that craving for Big Change!

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