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Fernando Gonçalves Bôrrega

Are you Craving a Big Change?

  • Relationships“Attracting New or Divorcing the Old”
  • Family – “Dynamics & Strategies”
  • Career – “Blockages & Mindset”
  • Spirituality –  “Pranic Healers & Arhatic”
  • Sports“Performance & Mindset”
  • Health – “Emotional, & Addictions

Are You Ready to Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse?

About ME.

About Fernando

The story started In my 30’s – I got lost, really LOST mentally confused, and stressed about being an immigrant, and emotionally I was overwhelmed, and physically started deteriorating.

Something magical happened! I started to join a group meditation. After that, I learned Pranic Healing, energy work, chakra healing and so much more…

I was depressed, Broken, Violent, Arrogant, and ready to prove my point even though maybe I didn’t even have a point to make. I am not proud of that but it was part of the process that made me value “The Importance of Investing Time in Your Inner-Peace, Mental Clarity & Direction in Life”

The only thing I have been the most consistent about my whole life, besides breathing, is Meditation and Learning to Live at Service.

When you meditate you are creating space within yourself for the magic of your life to manifest itself.

When You live at Service your life becomes all about “Master The Art of Supporting, Helping, and Healing others”

Today I open up my life experience, studies, preparation, and commitment to You.
I am inviting you to scale up “Your Inner-Peace, Mental Clarity & Direction in Life”

Sacred Ceremony Schedule and Details

“Step into your Higher Consciousness”
June 15 – Limited space

Tuesday’s Meditation & Healing Night

I honestly would like to share our Tuesday Meditation & Healing Night with you. This is an act of Service and giving back to our community. It is for us, and as I have learned in my “Spiritual Journey” as a disciple “The Importance of Giving Back” to our immediate community such as neighbors, friends, colleagues, and You in another way to find happiness, new friends, and beautiful people. see more…

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