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Sacred Ceremony will ignite Your Soul’s Connection and Wisdom!
Break Free from the Past! Experience the Thrill of Liberation!
The Divine Gathering @ OurHarborTemple in Ventura

Unlock Your Soul, and Watch Your Body Radiate with Healing Energy!

Embark on a Journey of Personal & Spiritual Growth
Clear 2023 and Embrace the Magic of 2024!

An afternoon of Pure Magic Awaits:

Experience the Fastest, Gentlest Purification Process Ever!

Sacred Plant & Spiritual Medicine Ceremony: Connect with High-Vibration Souls

Saging and Smudging: Unite with Divine Beings of Nature

Pranic Crystal Healing: Restore Your Aura & Chakras

Giant Forks Sound Healing: Dissolve Obstacles with Ultimate Vibrations

Rapéh Introduction & Serving: Elevate Spirituality with Shamanic Medicine

Spiritual Healing & Meditation: Activate Heart & Crown Chakras, Connect with Higher Self

Micro-dose of Aya: Grandmother AYA’s Safe Guidance for Clarity and Healing

Subliminal Healing of UNCONSCIOUS Mind: Reprogram for Inner Peace, Bliss, Prosperity

HOT & COLD Plunges “Water Purification”: Release Unneeded Energies in a Soothing Hot Tub

Highly Experienced Healers Clearing Your Path: Erase Limiting Programs, Fear, Worry, Anger, Sadness, and Depression.

📅 Save Your Space: 

Sacred Ceremony March 09, 2024 RSVP Now!

🗓️ March 09th Saturday | ⌚ 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm

🚨 Limited Space! 💌 RSVP:
DM me @fgborrega
Email me

Sacred Ceremony March 09, 2024 RSVP Now!

Donation: $360 for 1 person
                    $600 for couples

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Join us in the Healing Journey!