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Sacred Ceremony

Welcome to Our Temple of Transformation, Mind, Body & Soul integration – In our “Sacred Ceremony”, we offer you a consecrated space for healing, purification, and expansion of awareness. Spiritually & Energetically prepare and program to support Your Journey of Transformation. “Integrate your Higher Soul Vibes into our Life”

What Problem Do We Solve?

  • Are you looking for Spiritual Healing or Personal Growth?
  • Are you wanting to improve your life using the wisdom of thousands of years of humanity & Nature?
  • Are you wanting to be part of a Ceremony that brings easter & western world wisdom all together?
  • Are you curious about Plant Medicine, Rapéh, Aya, the Rituals, and the Journey?

Our Sacred Ceremony is a beautiful process that includes all the essence of your whole being. Removing your inner obstacles, limitations, and blockages that prevent you from being at your best. “Integrate your Higher Soul Vibes into our Life”

Sound healing, Meditation, Etheric-body work – Aura and Chakra healing, Cristal and Healers.
“Re-birth Healing Process”, timeline therapy & “Timne Travel Your Sucess”, bring success to your future
“Plant Medicine”, Sageging, Rapéh Serving Aya-Microdose.

Sacred Ceremony

Our Promise –

It is to help you create the space inside you to Access Your Inner-Peace & Wisdom. Bring your Higher Soul Vibes into your Life!

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Let’s Get Ready Now

Sacred Ceremony

June 15, 2024 - Limited Space

Step N0 1 –  book a 15-minute call 

We suggest you book a 15-minute call 

I will explain to you the process, requirements, and the process and how to prepare for the ceremony in all aspects. 

I will walk you through the steps and options to set you up for the best results You Could Possibly have!

Step No 2 – Download our guidance.

Please download our guidance.
Read it & prepare for our 15-minute call

Step No 3 – Stay Infromed.

Let us keep you informed and be part Mailing List!
We will keep you informed of our calendar of Ceremonies and integration support, tools, and related activities.


Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony An Afternoon of Pure Magic

Experience the Purification Process and Freedom! Connect with High-Vibration Souls

  • Saging and Smudging: Unite with Divine Beings of Nature
  • Pranic Crystal Healing: Restore Your Aura & Chakras
  • Giant Forks Sound Healing: Dissolve Obstacles with Ultimate Vibrations
  • Rapéh Introduction & Serving: Elevate Spirituality with Shamanic Medicine
  • Spiritual Healing & Meditation: Activate Heart & Crown Chakras, Connect with Higher Self
  • Micro-dose of Aya: Grandmother AYA’s Safe Guidance for Clarity and Healing
  • Subliminal Healing: Reprogram your UNCONSCIOUS Mind for Inner Peace, Bliss, Prosperity
  • “Water Purification”: HOT & COLD Plunges – Release Unneeded Energies in a Soothing Hot Tub
  • Healers Clearing Your Path: Erase Limiting Programs, Fear, Worry, Anger, Sadness, and Depression.

Ignite Your Soul’s Connection and Inner-Wisdom!
The Divine Gathering @ Our Temple

Unlock Your Soul, Embark on a Journey of Personal & Spiritual Growth