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The Frequency that you are on is always going to dictate what you attract

The vibration of the mind and body that you are in is going to dictate what you attract. Because when you put yourself in a vibration, what you’re really doing is putting yourself on a specific frequency. That’s what you do when you set a goal.

Clearing your energy centers “Chakras”, Aura (Inner & Outer), cutting cords from other people & traumatic events will, make your energy and vibrations raise to levels that you can not imagine.

– You need two (2) steps to manifest Your Goals:

Goal Setting, In order to create and manifest your goals, you need clear and positive action for the intended goal with High Vibration & Frequency (HVF). The High Vibration Frequency (HVF) is what makes that GOAL  speed up the Power of Manifesting it!

First, Pranic Healing will be needed it to clear your mind, body & energy. Clearing the vessel is the key to access to the “HVF” High Vibration Frequency that you need.

Second, Energy exercises, meditation and blessings are part of the “HVF Protocol” to materialize the life you want, manifesting The Goals You Set!


Clarity plus High Vibration & Frequency (HVF) is the Power for Manifesting your Goals!!!

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If you want to be transformed you have to be intentional in life. I want you to remember this: Most people don’t lead their life – they accept their life. And when you accept your life you are living on things that are “Not Worthy of Your Time, Your Effort or Your Energy”.

To go uphill you have to be intentional. Nobody ever went uphill without being intentional. You never read a book on accidental achievement.

“To Transformed You Have To Be Intentional

I know you know this – Learning more is rarely enough to do the trick! As you know, you need to choose a direction, take action, and keep moving forward in order to succeed. You need to have and execute your own action plan.

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