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Welcome to the "Satisfaction Workshop"

Friday, November 4th, 2022
2:45 pm PDT 

I think that you might relate to this ...“Satisfaction Workshop” This video is for people that have the Burning Desire for fast & effective personal growth or providing a better future for yourself and people you loved. I am kindly inviting you to watch this video up to the last second, and to be My Guest of Honor in my FREE online class.

The main purpose of the Class is to “Satisfaction Workshop”And, if you feel that you have one, let’s upgrade it now!

Friday, November 4th, 2022

2:45 pm PDT 

Set your goals in alignment to the Ideal Vision
and Improve your life fast and effectively now

My name is Fernando, and I offer professional coaching for business and life balance. I specialize in helping professionals to

“Create work and life integration for a better lifestyle”

This online class will help you create “Satisfaction Workshop”. It is a self assessment online class using “The Wheel of Life” It is fun, simple and FREE!

In 1 hour, you’ll have a broader and better understanding of where you are right now. You’ll discover the level of sasfaction your life is giving you. Lastly, you’ll get to know what’s important to you! That way, you can take your Life where you want it to be!

The Ideal Vision of Your Life is a Gate to a Greater Future.


30 minutes of your time, one (1) Highlighter, two (2) Markers, and a printer, in order to print the PDF file that will be sent to your email as soon as

You Sign Up to this FREE online class

If you have the Burning Desire for fast and effective personal growth, and the will of providing a better future for yourself and people you loved.

Friday, November 4th, 2022

2:45 pm PDT 

The Wheel of Life Exercise will help you create ”Satisfaction Workshop”

This Coaching Tool can be used to assess your Current & Ideal State based on the Key Areas of your Life. 

“The Wheel of Life” exercise will help you identify …

> Where you are in life
> What is Important to you
> Where you want to be in life

Discover where you are right now and see where you would like to be in time. 



“This type of exercise helped me a lot to think more about the things that we have to work on every day.”


“This exercise. It’s something I now keeping the Forefront of my mind like everyday”

Maria Bale

“Come on do it to the rest of the world have let them have access to this”


“I’m grateful for this this new way of integrating my subconscious my conscious and all of the many bodies that comprise.”


“I’m starting to see what brings me joy and doing it.”



“Give me more awareness of what I’m paying close attention to and when I’m not paying attention so I have the awareness to do.”