NLP Training

NLP Practitioner Training, Newark

We have spoken about NLP and MER before. In fact, there’s an article about each of these wonderful techniques in my blog! But this time, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be attending a training, extensive and focused, on the 20th through 23rd of this month.

As usual, when these opportunities arise, I’m always first to sign up, seeking to expand my knowledge in these fields so I can count with a broader spectrum of tools to help my clients, and even share with you online. That said, it’s a unique experience I hope will bring in many positive things: learning under Dr. Matt from Empowerment, Inc. and his trusted Trainers, being first and foremost.

There’s something amazing about great volumes of knowledge being offered in workshops like these. They are not only a moment to learn, but also to form strong bonds that will last forever, dedicated on making the world a better place by empowering people all around it to be the best version of themselves!

Keep your eyes peeled for my updates from the Workshop, I’m sure there will be lots to share with you.

Here’s an excerpt from their page:

“At the Integrative NLP Practitioner Certification® Training, you’ll receive hands-on training, demonstrations, tools and techniques, and an action plan to put into practice as a certified practitioner following the sessions. Best of all, sessions are backed by our 100%‑satisfaction guarantee.”

This is also an encouragement for you. I have over ten years of training in NLP, and I’m always looking for more. The secret to success, as we’ve talked before, is allowing yourself room to grow and fighting stagnation with challenges that keep you always on your toes, ready to make a leap of faith to bigger and better achievements each time.

Thank you, as always, for reading. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!



NLP: Why we considered it the language of the mind?

The meaning.

In the past, I have told you about different methods that fall within the NLP practice. However, some of you might not know what that even means! The acronym stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As that name suggests, this practice focuses on understanding the language of the mind, by equating it with a system whose internal workings can be changed and altered to obtain the desired outcome. In short, our mind, much like a computer, has an internal language that can be changed through programming. 🧠 💡

The rol of the practicioner.

So, what does an NLP practitioner do? Let me answer that question with another question: Have you noticed that, sometimes, people seem to be hiding a deeper, true meaning behind their words? For example, if you talk to your friend and they express a fear of not being good enough by saying “I never thought I could get this job,” chances are this person is subconsciously limiting themself. Someone who knows the way of the Neuro linguistic programming may immediately identify the underlying fear, the language your friend uses to express it, and an effective way to change that damaging belief. Your friend will not only be confident in their position but achieve more and more with time. Nothing is out of reach with NLP. A promotion, a raise, even finding a rare position at your dream job: you can do it! 💪🏻

Here some’s websites with events, info, and courses that you can read and learn more about this new way to improve your life 🌐💻:

The benefits and my personal journey

For some people, this seems idealistic. However, has reach yielded wondrous results, allowing patients to improve their relationship with the subconscious mind and heal from things like Anxiety, Depression, Addictive Behaviors, etc. in as little as one session! 🤯🤗

As for myself, I have been learning NLP for ten years, and completed the following trainings:

  • NLP Trainers of Influence, & NLP Speaker of Influence at Trainers’ Trainer (2020).
  • NLP Master Practitioner, Master Practitioner in Hypnotherapy & Master Practitioner in Emotional and Mental Release (2018).
  • NLP Practitioner (2012)

Here is a great video from Dr. Matt James, Founder of and one of the most influential person of this practice:

Do you have any questions? Be sure to leave a comment below if you would like to know more about this language of neuro linguistic , the ultimate Tool for Success!

Feel free to contact us to help you and teach you all this practices!

Thank you! 🙏🏼

Fernando Goncalves Borrega.


The Challenge of Success – A Japanese story


The culture of Japan uses fish for many dishes, and of course the fresher the fish, the better its taste. However, its waters haven’t had enough fish in decades, so fishing boats ventured farther into the seas to retrieve their precious food. Understandably enough the people of Japan noticed the fish lacked its required freshness, forcing the fishing companies to challenge their minds in search for an answer that provides both quality and revenue. Instead of storing the fish, which would then arrive to port dead, they installed tanks in which to place the fish. The sales managed to improve by a margin, but there was still a major concern: the fish, without need for much movement inside those tanks, became lethargic and their quality decreased. Although they were fresh by definition, the taste was that of older catch!

When we reach our goals and plateau onto safety, we may find ourselves acting similarly to these fish. We may think we have achieved a Greater Purpose, and as such it is time to relax and let go of our vitality. That couldn’t be any further from the truth, as our existence requires to be constantly spurred into activity so we may retain, much like the fish, our freshness. As Mike Bundrandt, co-founder of iNLP, says: “It’s all about alignment.” Meaning, if a part of you is stagnant and wants to stop pushing for success, you will surely self-sabotage. Nobody can hope to thrive in a perfectly safe tank, without much space for exercise and devoid of need for innovation.

What would you do, if you were in the place of these Fishing Companies? How would you challenge the fish to remain active and very much alive, aligning them to their goal?

What they came up with was a very creative solution. By having their fish travel with a small shark up to shore, they ensured they would never stop swimming. Even if the shark ate a few fish during the trip, the companies saw an increase in sales, and people were no longer complaining about the taste of the catch!

Like these fish, becoming complacent dulls our spirit. We invite you to let a shark into your tank, so you may never be too far from a challenge to keep your soul fresh. This secret has helped businesses thrive in Japan, as it has all around the globe. By taking risks, you liven up the drive of your enterprise and ensure its leading position. Do not stagnate in the challenge of success!

Lastly, we would like to emphasize how very important it is that you follow the Success Principle, and align every part of you towards safeguarding from stagnating. Surely, that can’t be any good when your goal is set high! To quote Kain Ramsay : “Revel in what you’ve achieved in life so far, but make sure always to raise the bar a little higher each time you strike a winning goal.”

That’s the key to unstoppable success! Thank you for reading this post and let us know in the comments if we can anything for you!

Kindly, Fernando.

Super power for super kids – New morning routine for your children

The new super powers for the super kids!

Helping your kids unleash their Super Powers is not only easy but also fun! You can help them do these exercises when they wake up, before they go to school and when they return home from a day of learning!

Before continuing on to this Morning Exercise we would like to share Why it’s important to practice and make this a fun and Daily Morning routine for your kids and, of course, for you: mom, dad, uncle or school teacher.

Did you notice that everybody wakes up with different moods?

Does that happen to you? We, as adults, develop different conscious or unconscious behaviors. They can go as follows:

  • Take a shower
  • Prepare Coffee, Tea, Mate (Argentinian drink, from my beloved home)
  • Take any medications
  • Or some of go for a run, or dip in the swimming pool, gym, etc.

Did you notice that sometimes your kids get to school and they are not awake? Or, if they are awake, you can notice that they are not fully centered or lack a clear mind?

At this point you might ask yourself “What can I do to support my child?”

Don’t you agree that if your child gets to the classroom happy, awake, fully alert and inspired to learn and absorb the information that the Teacher is about to deliver, they will be doing a better job, and also end up having a great time learning and doing their best at it? Isn’t that An Amazing Reason to implement a 10-minute exercise, a Morning Daily Routine to Awaken their Super Power, to step into their Super Powers so they can become Super Students and Super Kids 🙂 … I know it sounds very idealistic… the best part is IT WORKS!

As a father, I tried the technique and it really made a difference in my son’s life.

The Exercise

Now, what is “Super Powers for Super Kids’ morning routine to awaken and rock your day”?

It’s a 10-minute exercise that will produce many profound effects in your kids’ life such as a stronger connection with their parents, that will bring forth a sense of confidence and develop the certainty that will be very needed when they have to make decisions away from mom or dad.

These exercises will awaken their body from head to toes. The Energy Body and Energy Centers, meridians, and cells; as well as the physical body and body parts: from the irrigation and activation of the blood streams in all directions, to the muscles, brain and brain cells, organs, tendons and bones.

And the mental body will be awoken subtly and playfully with a suggestion of the possibility of stepping into their Super Powers. This will give them a bit of confidence and a great positive attitude to learn and overcome obstacles in such an early stage of their life.

Don’t you love the idea of being able to prepare your kids in such deep and thorough way? For me it was the only way, since my son (and myself) had learning disabilities. 

The good news is You don’t need to have a child with learning disabilities to do “Super Powers for Super Kids, a morning routine to awaken and rock your day”!

Now this is the moment of truth that you were waiting for: the “Super Powers for Super Kids’ morning routine to awaken and rock your day” step-by-step, so you can read about it before watching the Video.

The first step is Gratefulness: your kids should join their hands together or hold them palms-up and say a few words of Thanks to the Supreme Creator. In the Video, we can see an example of this:

“Thank you for giving me this beautiful day, thank you for allowing me to access my Super-powers: my super-creative mind, eyes, my super-powerful body and my super-kindness!”

The second step is activating the hands by rubbing them. As these are our instruments of creation, love and thanks, they are very important in the process of unleashing these Super-powers! Draw a smiley face in the thumb-nail of each hand and get ready for the next step:

Activating Super-Vision. To do this, your kids should stretch their hand and put a thumb in front of their face. Now they will smile back to the face in the thumb-nail as they move that hand in circles, always following the smiley with their eyes. Once this has been done seven times in one direction, they will change hands and repeat in the other direction. Almost there for Super-Vision! Now they can rub their hands together once more and fill the super-vision with super energy, rubbing their eyes with their Charged hands! Next is a sweeping motion to the back of the head: let’s part with the tension we’ve built up and throw it like a basketball. Do this twice to have a clean mind.

Now, let’s prepare the mind! It’s important that the mind is fully prepared to learn all the wonderful subjects of school and everyday life. To do that, they will start with the right hand to the forehead and sweep all the worries all the way to the tip of the left hand, throwing them away too. This is done seven times, always breathing in and out with the motion. As they do this, your kids should always touch their body with their hand: from the forehead, to the neck, to the shoulder, to the arm and hand. Next, repeat with the opposite hand seven more times.

Celebrate and feel the difference, how the learning center is cleansed and activated, prepared for the day ahead, or a good night of sleep.

Let’s keep cleaning the head now! With the tongue to the roof of the mouth, they will bring the head down, relaxed. Next, a deep breath as they roll their head back, and exhale as they return the head to where it was before, seven times again. This can be done with the arms resting on the hips, for more stability, in a Super posture!

Next up, the Super Senses: Super-hearing, Super-smell and Super-taste. With the tongue to the palate once more, breathe in to the left and exhale to the right seven times, still in the Super posture. Feel the difference and celebrate!

Now let’s clean the shoulders, chest, lungs and heart chakra in the center of the chest with seven shoulder rotations to the back and seven forward. Always smile to your shoulders and chest, be grateful to your energies! Then come seven full arms rotations to the back and seven to the front.

Now throw the tension out. Tell your kids to do it as if they were celebrating, with their hands closed when they touch the shoulders, and open when they go forward, seven times. Then, seven wrist movements to activate them, one set in each direction. Shake it up to release all the tension and worries like before, throwing the arms forward with the hands into fists.

The following step is super cleaning the Super-Spine! Your kids should stand in a stable position with their feet slightly apart and the knees bent just a bit. Then, lift the arms to half the torso and do some rotations inhaling to the left and exhaling to the right seven times. They can also end with some twists with lax arms to fully feel the relaxation!

Time for the Super Dancing Move. The movement is a clockwise hip turn, seven times, like doing a Super Dance, and then the reverse to distribute the energy evenly to all the parts of the body.

Next, let’s bring that energy to the legs. If your kids struggle with balance you can hold their hand as they do low forward kicks seven times. Feel the difference between the leg that did the exercise and the one that didn’t. The leg that did is full of energy, but we can’t let the other leg miss out, so repeat the exercise with it.

With the back to the wall or holding hands for support, raise a leg and then raise the foot so the toes point up, then down seven times. When that’s done, do some fun ankle twists: seven in each direction. Breathe for a while and repeat with the other leg so your other leg is filled with energy too!

Here you can also find other similar routines for our children’s mornings:

Congratulations! You got your superpowers!

Time to shake it up again! Congratulations, you and your kids unleashed the Super Powers!

I hope that you like it. We only ask for your feedback in return to make it better. To help teachers, moms, dads to prepare ourselves and our Kids for the real world with the most powerful tools and unleash power that lives within and needs to be awakened every day until they grow old.

Please, feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions. If you think that there is anything that we need to know or the we will benefit from, We will be very happy to listen, to have an understanding of your concepts or suggestions.

And, also, we would love to hear what you learned!

Thank you for your interest and support and for subscribing to our blog & website!

Kindly, Fernando

Spirituality Made Simple – How to get the right focus in only three minutes!

Three minutes - Vibration + OM = Stillness

In this installation of Spirituality Made Simple, we’d like to focus on an issue of the times. People nowadays rush too much, losing sight of Spirituality, their Self, and straying from Oneness. Does this sound familiar to you? Perhaps you, or someone close to you has tendencies to this behavior. That will no longer be a problem if you do this really short exercise when you’re feeling this way!

The Three Pilars

There are three pillars we’d like to consider when spiritually centering ourselves:
Love: to ourselves, the universe, our spiritual masters and the Divinity, no matter the faith.
Thoughts: intelligent choices are encouraged by the beautiful tool of the ‘Om’ vibration. With an open heart, relax and vibrate internally along with the syllable Om, which represents Oneness.
Connection: in order to connect, we use an invocation.
So some days we feel like we’re running out of time, rushed, constantly looking for our next task to complete. But how can we hope to complete our every task if we’re not centered and still, focused on the moment?  Every cell of our body must cooperate and move towards the same common objective, that’s the principle of Alignment. Some of us want nothing more than to have a good day and fill it with love and understanding. Doesn’t that seem difficult when the work piles up, and you have more responsibilities than you can count on your fingers?

The Vibration

We introduce to you the power of the Vibration of Om. In only three minutes, this Mantra’s sound clears your mind of all doubts, instilling in you Oneness, to go through the day with a triumphant smile.
Now, watch the video below to participate in a guided “Meditation with the sound of Om”
With this meditation you can organize your love, thoughts and connections with your soul and have a great experience. If you want to know  more about this technique, I leave you a link to the book of #spiritualitymadesimple by Vilkas Malkani:  

Congratulations! You made your stillness

The tools are now at hand so you can set forth, every day starting with the right energies!
We at FerCoaching thank you for experiencing this moment with us, and we’d love to hear how you felt. Did you learn something new? We invite you to do this simple routine every morning and night, and share it with people who would benefit from a short grounding routine! And if you want, you can leave a comment on this post and we invite you to know more about our services and help that we provide for you.
 Thank you! 🙏🏻