MER: Introduction to Mental Emotional Release

To answer the question ‘What is Mental Emotional Release?’ we first must pose another set of questions: Can our Energy help us stay healthy? Are we humans truly in control of our situation, when we are bombarded with negativity all around?

These are questions I often come across in this field, but fear not! The answer to both questions is definitely yes. If you’ve seen my ‘Must Read’ section, you’ll know there’s a lot to be learned from the 1990 book “Beliefs” by Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom and Suzi Smith. But let’s take an even closer look to the nature of our Mind’s Power, shall we?

We’re made aware, through a series of studies that R. Lipton referenced in his book “Biology of beliefs”, that cells respond to their environment accordingly. “The cells could be observed reacting positively to positive energy and negatively to negative energy. And the response was almost immediate,” says an article1 from Psychology Today. I personally think that’s fascinating. If our energies are so intrinsically connected to our body’s health, then we have no time to lose in taking the first step towards fostering Healthier Energy.

The Method of Mental Emotional Release

You may be aware of the problems in your everyday life; or stress may come from the world around you. No matter what, never be deluded into thinking that you cannot do anything about that stress! The truth is that our body knows how to keep us safe and healthy in dire situations, and all we need to do is persuade the unconscious mind to tap into that atavist knowledge. This process is spearheaded by Mental Emotional Release (MER for short), a process Dr. Matt James devised, which has helped countless people let go of their limiting, unconscious beliefs and guide their body and mind into alignment. If you’d like to hear about Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which goes hand in hand with MER, here’s an article about it!

What do you think about this? Have you ever been aware of your energy helping or sabotaging you?

As always, your feedback is greatly appreciated. If you’d like to know more about MER, feel free to contact us.

Kindly, Fernando.