Unmasking the One-person Success

A brief history of Success

Throughout the ages of humanity, the idea of success has changed at a speedy pace. Taking 5th century BCE Athens as an example, we know its people, just having seen a tyrant fall, valued politics greatly. The mark of success then could be drawn between those who achieved a political position within their city-state, preferably within the council, and those who never did.

Some of these successful individuals have transcended their time and space and their lives are remembered even today, long after they have died. But, do we have to measure them with the same scale of success? In the book Mindset, the new Psychology of Success (2006, Carol S. Dweck) we can see how success; or rather, the way we view it, has taken a turn. Dweck tells us about Thomas Edison, who, contrary to what you might be thinking, wasn’t a reclusive genius in a lab-coat but a savvy entrepreneur who knew how to catch the eyes of the press.

The question that needs asking

Why does this idea of a lone genius prevail in our minds, then? Here’s what Mindset can teach us about it:

“There are many myths about ability and achievement, especially about the lone, brilliant person suddenly producing amazing things.”(Dweck, 2006, page 57)

If we look deeper into it, we can see that people tend to blame their own failures on others. When it comes to comparing oneself, it’s easy to say “Yes, Edison was a genius and one-of-a-kind, that’s why he succeeded and I don’t”. You’d be surprised to see how many people are inclined to compliment others using words like talent, inspiration and genius.

What really makes people tick, as Dweck puts it? It’s not strict discipline, and it certainly isn’t ‘dumbed-down’ content. We conclude that people thrive when their curiosities are encouraged, their minds fed constant incentives in a loving network of support and companionship. There’s this distinction between people with a ‘growth’ mindset, those who challenge themselves to constantly do better and learn proactively, and people with a ‘fixed’ mindset. It’s as simple as “I couldn’t pass this exam, so I must be dumb”.

The wonderful thing about people is that anyone can develop to unbelievable extents, given the proper guidance and encouragement. Changing from a fixed to a growth mindset is not only possible, but important to do as early as possible. Allow your potential to unfold and never stagnate!



Spirituality Made Simple – How to get the right focus in only three minutes!

Three minutes - Vibration + OM = Stillness

In this installation of Spirituality Made Simple, we’d like to focus on an issue of the times. People nowadays rush too much, losing sight of Spirituality, their Self, and straying from Oneness. Does this sound familiar to you? Perhaps you, or someone close to you has tendencies to this behavior. That will no longer be a problem if you do this really short exercise when you’re feeling this way!

The Three Pilars

There are three pillars we’d like to consider when spiritually centering ourselves:
Love: to ourselves, the universe, our spiritual masters and the Divinity, no matter the faith.
Thoughts: intelligent choices are encouraged by the beautiful tool of the ‘Om’ vibration. With an open heart, relax and vibrate internally along with the syllable Om, which represents Oneness.
Connection: in order to connect, we use an invocation.
So some days we feel like we’re running out of time, rushed, constantly looking for our next task to complete. But how can we hope to complete our every task if we’re not centered and still, focused on the moment?  Every cell of our body must cooperate and move towards the same common objective, that’s the principle of Alignment. Some of us want nothing more than to have a good day and fill it with love and understanding. Doesn’t that seem difficult when the work piles up, and you have more responsibilities than you can count on your fingers?

The Vibration

We introduce to you the power of the Vibration of Om. In only three minutes, this Mantra’s sound clears your mind of all doubts, instilling in you Oneness, to go through the day with a triumphant smile.
Now, watch the video below to participate in a guided “Meditation with the sound of Om”
With this meditation you can organize your love, thoughts and connections with your soul and have a great experience. If you want to know  more about this technique, I leave you a link to the book of #spiritualitymadesimple by Vilkas Malkani:  http://bit.ly/3slPyFh  

Congratulations! You made your stillness

The tools are now at hand so you can set forth, every day starting with the right energies!
We at FerCoaching thank you for experiencing this moment with us, and we’d love to hear how you felt. Did you learn something new? We invite you to do this simple routine every morning and night, and share it with people who would benefit from a short grounding routine! And if you want, you can leave a comment on this post and we invite you to know more about our services and help that we provide for you.
 Thank you! 🙏🏻