Sunrise Meditation: Seven Steps Morning Routine

Seven Steps Routine

Welcome to this installment of Sunrise Meditation! Today I want to share the finished seven-step routine we’ve put together collectively through many Wednesdays. It’s a shared effort to build something that I hope you will treasure as much as I do. The best part is, these seven important steps combined will only take you around half an hour, and as a result, this morning routine is perfect to start off your day with a bright smile and all your energy in the right places.

Let’s begin!


Just as we do every time, we will start with an invocation. This part is flexible, and you can write one that suits your spiritual beliefs. I personally mention the Supreme God Divine Father, Divine Mother, my Master, and all the spiritual teachers. Then, my Divine soul and Divine self. Thanking all of these entities for their blessings is important to me, as it is a moment to connect, to ensure that you’re putting out as many thankful energies as the blessings you will receive. All of us have a Divine soul, we’re divine beings. Isn’t that beautiful?


A very important part of this morning routine is the exercising and activating of all your energy centers. We’ve done these exercises before, and you can follow along with the video very easily, seeing as they’re all focused on making sure your energy is well cleansed before the meditation itself can begin. Master Choa Kok Sui designed them for Twin Hearts meditation, which is one of the following steps. Now, we will delve right into the Laughing Buddha!

Laughing Buddha

Did you know there are many different Buddhas? You probably did, but I’m going to tell you about a meditation you can do to order your mind and body into unyielding happiness! This exercise not only is fun, but also short and extremely powerful. Follow along with me in the video for the full experience.

We’re going to adopt a specific position for this; namely, a mudra: hand-and-finger gestures of power. Stand up straight with your legs spread at shoulder width and align your hands with your crown chakra, above your head and facing up. You’re going to be bouncing, so watch those knees! With your eyes looking ahead at 45º up, let your tongue hang out of your mouth. Now let out those laughs!

Twin Hearts

Next up is the Meditation on Twin Hearts, one of the most healing meditation routines I have the pleasure of knowing. Guided by voice, it’s all about connecting to your higher, divine self and channeling healing energies onto Mother Earth, and all of Humanity. Thanks to this, your love will have blessed the planet we live in, and turned into a daily practice Twin Hearts can turn tides, making this world a better one.

Fountain of Youth

This is a routine of five Tibetan rites to shake off an entire year of lockdown. You will note that it moves your spine and all of your body, helping you remain young: hence the name. Since it’s only five Tibetan poses, each of them are extremely important, and we usually take some time between pose and pose to feel the changes in our body, how our energy flows, the love we experience and the unity it brings forth.
All of this golden energy the Tibetan rites center will raise your vibrations and let your body know you want to live longer and more fully.

Super Brain Yoga

This is another one of Master’s teachings, it’s a surefire way to guide your brain to its full potential. Please stay tuned for next week’s article on Super Brain Yoga, where we’ll learn about its full effects. Follow along with me on the video!


At last, the most important part of it all: you’re going to be blessing everything around you, from your house and family to the people you work with. All of these people and places deserve your love and blessings, and they will return the light and love to you.

Finally, I want you to take a minute to give thanks to yourself, and congratulate yourself for making it to the end of today’s morning routine: the Seven Steps Sunrise Meditation! Thank you!



Yoga: what it is, and how it can help you.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a series of ancient practises rooted on strengthening the mind, body, and spirit connection. There are many schools of yoga, and each has different focus points. My goal today is to share with you a few routines I do every day! I believe that sharing good things makes us better people; and since yoga is one of the things I do daily, I really want you to experience it. The reason is it makes me more aware, sharpens my mind and helps me get ready for day-to-day life. Knowing that yoga can help you so much, I invite you to try it!

15-minute warmup yoga

This video will show you the routine I do as warm-up. Wear something comfortable, because you’ll be moving a lot! Once you’ve finished doing this small yoga routine, I invite you to relax and let your body get to know its new heightened state; since the result of the connecting process that is Yoga is best appreciated right after the exercise. You will find just how much yoga can help you!

I strongly recommend doing yoga every morning, since it can give you energy to last the entire day, as well as prevent and heal things like scoliosis pain, sore muscles, numbness, etc. The benefits are many, and you won’t regret it.

So what is the best way to practise yoga?

First of all, try finding a calm area, whether indoors or outdoors, where you won’t be bothered by sudden noises, distractions and worries. Most people like to accompany their routine with the smell of a stick of incense, natural flowers, or perfumes. For starters, a simple yoga mat is great, although some swear by exercise mattresses or eva foam carpeting. Here, you will be able to choose as you experience more options!

If you’re not very flexible, you can start with a routine that encourages you to go as far as you can without pushing your limits too much. It is important to do yoga figures with calm and a controlled breathing. Usually, the yoga instructor will teach you the breathing technique as you go.

Remember, don’t use strength, use your breathing! If you find a pose too difficult, it is alright to switch to an easier version. Mastery comes with time and discipline, and those are virtues yoga can help you build.

Thank you for joining me🙏🏻! I’d love to hear what yoga routines you like to do, or maybe you can tell me about your own!

As always, you can reach out by leaving your comments! 🧘