About Me


The flow of life expose us to new situations were challenges, problems or blockages are being presented to you. In those moments we get nervous, stress, worry, fearful and that lead us to feel Anxious or Depressed.

There are moments in every person life that we experience how life takes a turns. Some times we are not even aware if it.

Did that happened to you? I always had the desire and will continuously trying to assist people to prevent that and I though that I was doing good wanting them to skip the process of facing all these negative feeling and situations to grow.
What I wanted, in the past, was to learn the lessons without doing the homework

Didn’t you?
I justified myself since I had learning disabilities, in the past. For decades I could not start and finish my homework in my early ages.
I suffered from “Big Dyslexia” and I was exposed to it since I born.

Dyslexia was continuously interrupting my process of understanding, learning and
remembering. Life is Extremely Complicated if you can’t Read there for you can’t write properly.

Without these tools the brain is kind of handicap Your brain will not develop properly to a fullest potential not being able to process all the information need it in specific situations.

These problem overflow, expand and contaminate other areas like writing, communication, memory and practicality in life.

Emotionally can you imagine my confidence level, the self steam where will it be?
Your certainty and self steam, your self trust and the ability to prepare to overcome the situations that life bring up to you.
If you can’t read, and write. Your whole life get slowdown, moody, and restricted in all the aspect of your life. Over coming

Those are the most helpful tools for you to learn to get organize, methodic, and resourceful in your life, mind, body and soul to develop yourself to a New Level.

How did change Happened In my life?
Change happened in an instant what is important is how you prepare yourself to that magic to take place. That is the secret in transforming your life. It is about how committed you are to let that magic of transformation and empowerment to be part of your life.

And here I am to accompany you in this process and that together we discover that path that
you deserve to build.