About Me

I was guided to Pranic Healing almost 30 years ago. However, I began meditating in Martial Arts practices at the age of 12. I was fortunate enough to experience courses and be initiated in Arhatic Yoga, Pranic Feng Shui and Pranic Clairvoyance by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. 

I have taken all the levels and lectures existing in Pranic Healing (several times), including the ones developed by Master Marilag– Cellular Healing, Pranic Face-lifting and Body-Sculpting. I’ve attended more than 50 Arhatic Yoga retreats throughout the years. I have been co-teaching Pranic Healing Level I for over five years, and worked exclusively as a Pranic Healer for over a decade before starting my coaching career. 

I incorporate Pranic Healing in everything that I do. I am highly invested as a chakra healer, family healer, group healer and spiritual coach. I do Home and Real Estate Pranic Healing, which includes businesses by removing entities, ghosts, psychic attacks, and curses, partners and partnership conflicts and provide sheilding. I also remove blockages from deals, contracts and related matters such as preventing psychic attack, malice and negative entities projected onto families or  businesses. Through the years, I’ve incorporated Pranic Healing and Spiritual Coaching also working with acuptunture studios, yoga studios, and various wellness centers.

If you want to learn more about Pranic Healing or take classic Pranic Healing courses, please visit:


Master Stephen Co- West Coast, CA


Master Glenn Mendoza, NYC/NJ

Master Marilag Mendoza, NYC/NJ


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