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The flow of life exposes us to new situations where challenges, problems, or blockages are being presented to us. In those moments we get nervous, stressed, worried, and fearful and that leads us to feel Anxious or Depressed.

There are moments in every person’s life when we experience how life takes a turns. Sometimes we are not even aware that these turns are happening and we avoid them or even resist them.

Did that happen to you? 

In my desire of preventing suffering to happen to me and to others thinking that was the best way to help or solve these problems. I always had the desire to assist people to Stop their pain, and hurt. I thought that I was doing well wanting them to skip the process of facing all these negative emotions, negative feelings, and situations without seeing that those were moments of growth.

Many times what I wanted, in the past, was to learn the lessons without doing the homework. Didn’t you?

Continuously I justified myself, since I had learning disabilities, in the past. For decades I could not start and finish my homework at an early age. I suffered from “Big Dyslexia” and I was exposed to it since I was born.

Dyslexia was continuously interrupting my process of understanding, learning, and remembering. Life is Extremely Complicated if you can’t Read there for you can’t write properly.

Without these tools, the brain is kind of handicapped. Your brain will not develop properly to its fullest potential not being able to process all the information need it in specific situations.

This problem overflow expands and contaminates other areas of your life. It will affect the proper development of the most basic skill for your personal success like reading, writing, communication, and memory, and this reality will practically affect your life in every area and task that you performed including your self steam, confidence, and even the fact of getting certification, license or diplomas.

Emotionally – can you imagine my confidence level, the self steam where they were?

Your certainty and self steam, your self-trust, and the ability to overcome the situations that life brings up to you.

If you can’t read and write. Your whole life gets slowdown, moody, and restricted in all aspects of your life.

Now, I can tell everyone. 

Now, I can assure you that because I did it.

Now, it’s your time to overcome your mental, emotional & physical limitations. There is always room for improvement. 

There is always space for you to get better at want you want especially if you LOVED IT

If YOU really Loved it enough we can create that change

I am here to help you to OVERCOME those limitations

Let’s Do This!!!