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The Breakthrough Session & Coaching

“Life Changing Session” & empowering coaching.

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I invite you to text or call me at my personal number for a FREE Discovery Session (786) 277.6940

My goal is to inspire you to continue with your personal growth. I dream about your personal development and the empowerment of your life. I want you to be able to plan 2023. I know you plan your vacations, your yoga class, gym, and other important activities in your life I want you to include “FerCoaching Services” as part of your personal planning. I want you to include me 🙂 . You and Me creating more magic again, from energy-clearing sessions to any of the coaching services that you have hired me for in the past or any of the “New Services” that I am offering now. I thought that if you have from 50% OFF to 70%OFF the Value of any of these services it will be easier for you to take advantage and include your self-development in your planning.

Why is important to do a Breakthrough Session?

Our imprinting phase is the seven first year of life. Our first values formation, our first belief system, our first strategy creation. Our Values start to be created by modeling what is happening around us, mom, dad, siblings, school, friends, culture, religion, etc.

Also, we learn to model what is around us at that time, and we accept our first role models for life. Relationships, family, mom, dad, money & prosperity, spirituality, personal growth, health & fitness. All these areas have been created in the imprinting face and have been affected and modified throughout your life.

BTS is the fastest & most effective way to Go!

It is like if you have a car there are weekly things that you do to run it and used it. Such as Gas, without gas no where to go. There are many minor stuff such as a carwash, cleaning, oil change, wipers, checking the tire’s pressure, etc. 

I love my BMW and after the lease was over I have the option to buy or to lease again. After 3 years you should do full maintenance and service to the car to return it and complete the lease. By the way, it isn’t cheap and it is impossible to Avoid, it Must be Done! Full maintenance – brakes, oils, all the filters, fluids, alignment and new tires, air conditioning, and so on. isn’t that right? I know you have been there too. 

I love my Mac products, iMac as a Desktop, my MacBook for traveling or working from the couch, and my iPhone. 

What happened if you don’t upgrade your Operating System? 

Does the Mac keep working? Yes of course. The MacBook Air keeps working, and the iPhone will work fine for a while too.

Sooner or later we must UPGRADE the operating system to keep up at our best if you don’t “It Will Crash” Guaranteed, take my word for it!

I would say that BTS is the fastest way to Upgrade your O.P. – Operating System (Emotion, Strategies, Believe System, Values, Behaviors, etc.) to grow and expand into your next level of mental, emotional, and spiritual maturity to be able to expand your life wealth, health, and happiness in all the areas of your life, especially in relationships.

What Is A BTS?

First, It’s a session in which we will take the need to elicit and bring to the surface the pain, hurt, and unresolved situation for clearing and releasing work in the most effective way that I ever experienced. Values elicitation and realignment is one of the most powerful steps after releasing all the negative emotion and trauma. Then, realign your “New Value” of who you are today! 

Second, we will focus on “The Creation of SMART Goals”. Which includes short, medium, and long-term goals. Based on the new values 

Then, the process of “Installation of the New Strategies” for success towards your goals. And future pasting your goals into your timeline. That is why becomes so easy to achieve your goals. 

The second and third steps will be done in the monthly Coaching after the BTS session. It helps to keep you in motion while your nervous system your neurology accept the new Goals, Behavior, and Strategies.

How does It Work?

I will explain to you the whole process and more in a zoom call Free of charge. I want you to be curious, and I will answer all your questions. It will be a pleasure for me to see you again. 

What I know is that everyone should do this process maybe every year to get their life to a new level of “Joy, Happiness, Abundance, Prosperity, Health, Personal growth & Spirituality”. 

I invite you to meet with me and go through this process If you are ready you will have now the best price. If you are not ready, I will coach you on how to prepare and get ready and you still could have this amazing price, and use these processes as soon as you’re ready.

Q & A - Most Asked Questions Are . . .

– Does everybody need a Breakthrough Session? 

Yes, but not everybody is ready for this process. I can assure you that everybody changes for the better when they do it. So will YOU. 

– Why Values are so Important? 

Because values defined our actions, behaviors, and all the things we do. The success & the failures. Values become unconscious, and define “How we spend our time”. They have a big role in the success of our Goals. The problem is they go unconscious and they need to be upgraded. 

– Can I buy the BTS now and use it in 2023? 

“Yes, You Can”. I will guide you to getting ready and preparing properly at no charge!

Please, contact me directly!

I invite you to text or call me at my personal number for a FREE Discovery Session (786) 277.6940