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Coaching for Coaches.

Develop your skills into expertise & confidence.

Special Offer for Client

50% to 70% OFF 

In all my services, Limited Time & Space. Act now! 

I invite you to text or call me at my personal number for a FREE Discovery Session (786) 277.6940

Coaching for Coaches – develop your skills into expertise & confidence.


New Coaches – NLP, Pranic Healing, or any alternative services healers, Therapists, 

Body Work, Sound Healers, etc. “Organize your business and grow”


~ Fernando Gonçalves Bôrrega

Coaching For Coaches.

Develop Your Skills Into Expertise & Confidence.

My intention is to assist you in achieving the best year that you can possibly have, helping you to be centered, balanced and prosperous. 


Special Offer For Client was created specifically for you. I want to benefit you, your energy, your health, your mind, and your family. You are the reason why I wake up every morning, the reason for my ongoing studies, meditating, reading, and daily practice. All that is for you and this Special Offer For Client” You earned it!

Why Is This Important?

I have been 25 years since I started my wellness career. I have done all the mistakes that a person can make. Also, I have been taking over and over these classes, workshops, and seminars for the last 2 decades. Implementing the concepts takes time, and I can help you to develop your practice and take it to the next level.

You not only save money by buying this program today this month. You save time and you will Be Making Money in no time. You can let me be your support system for your growth.


What Is A Coaching For Coaches, and How Does It Work?

I will answer these questions in person after I understand your background. No matter if you are coming from NLP, Pranic healing, or any other trained modality such as massage therapist, Reiki, etc. I can help you to Understand the Big Picture & the Small Picture daily demanding steps. Now Get Organized & Grow your practice!


You have a FREE Discovery call. Let’s talk via zoom 


Q & A - Most Asked Questions Are

– Can I buy this for my daughter that who is into healing, bodywork, NLP, Pranic healing, ETC? 

Yes, and it has to be approved by me directly. As you know I will not take a client is not clear that they will succeed 


– Can I buy the Coaching for Coaches now and use it in 2023? 

 Yes, you will be explained how to prepare “Coaching for Coaches”


Save Money, Have fun and make more of what you love in your Coaching practice 


“The sooner we UPGRADE our operating system the better for our daily performance. It keeps us at our best! if we don’t “We Will Crash” Guaranteed. Take my word for it! 


BTS is the fastest way to Upgrade your Operating System. Coaching for coaches could include BTS for a quarter of the regular price 


You have a FREE Discovery call. Let’s talk via zoom

Please, contact me directly!

I invite you to text or call me at my personal number for a FREE Discovery Session (786) 277.6940