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I invite you to text or call me at my personal number for a FREE Discovery Session (786) 277.6940

 “We create our reality based on our past experiences. 

We don’t know how deep the impact those experiences have on our successes & failures in life.

We don’t understand how important it is to upgrade their values and beliefs until we do it “ 


~ Fernando Gonçalves Bôrrega

Let’s upgrade your Operating System – Values, Beliefs, Strategies, Behaviors, Emotions, etc. Then you will be able to have the life you want, deserve, and desire. That is the reason that every person, regardless of their pains or success, will benefit from the process of upgrading Operating System – Values, Belief system, Strategies for success & failure – will make them gain or reinforce their Purpose in Life.

Success is not based on luck is the result of the four requisites of change


1- Accept your reality & Release work 


2- Set your Goals – SMART goals 


3- Take action – Right Strategies


4- Keep your self Focus on your GOALS


FerCoaching Conventional Services 


– FerCoaching, Professional Coaching for Business and Life Balance 

   “Monthly Coaching packages” 

– FerCoaching, Energy work, Spiritual guidance & Healing 

   “Energy work Packages “

Why Is Important? 

My beautiful dear client this is the opportunity that. You can program your success for next year. I loved working with me and you love saving money. Let’s meet again and talk about it how you can make these two concepts and ideas a reality for both of us. 


Save Money, Have fun and make more of what you love in your life 


“The sooner we UPGRADE our operating system the better for our daily performance. It keeps us at our best! if we don’t “We Will Crash” Guaranteed. Take my word for it! 


BTS is the fastest way to Upgrade your Operating System “


Please, contact me directly!

I invite you to text or call me at my personal number for a FREE Discovery Session (786) 277.6940