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Special Offer​

30% to 50% OFF 

Limited Time Special. Act now! 

This is my first time creating “New Year Specials”, in order to help you take care of yourself. I dropped my prices by 50% to remove financial limitations that would inhibit the development of those who desire to see transformational change in their lives, and as a gift for new valued clients. Now, let’s do the work!


I am always thinking about how I can give back and support people to continue moving forward, and how to remove obstacles, supporting your process of healing, clearing, and progress. 

I created the “New Year Special” to show my gratitude to you, and for the opportunity to become your healer or personal coach, with the goal of inspiring you on your personal growth path. My dream is to EMPOWER your life. 


I want you and me to create more magic in your life, through energy-clearing sessions to un-block negative thoughts, emotions or traumas, as well as through coaching and the “New Services” I am now offering.

My intention is to assist you in achieving the best 2023 that you can possibly have, living centered, balanced and prosperous. Let’s invite clarity and good energy into your goals now!

FerCoaching Services

 Life Coaching, Spiritual Advisory & Energy Healing

We need to understand the big picture in life, and the context in which things, situations, and events affect us to be able to use our past to empower our present. Knowing, clearing organizing, organizing and planning in a very specific way will EMPOWER your life!


~ Fernando Gonçalves Bôrrega

Christmas Specials Include 2 New Services Breakthrough Session & Coaching For Coaches

"The Breakthrough Session & Coaching"

Life Changing  & Empowering

"Coaching for Coaches"

Develop your skills into expertise & confidence.

Professional Coaching

for Business & Life Balance

Monthly Coaching Packages

Energy work,

Spiritual guidance & Healing

Energy Work Packages

Special Offer​

30% to 50% OFF 

Limited Time Special. Act now!