Tuesday’s Meditation & Healing Night

I honestly would like to share our Tuesday Meditation & Healing Night with you. This is an act of Service and giving back to our community. It is for us, and as I have learned in my “Spiritual Journey” as a disciple “The Importance of Giving Back” to our immediate community such as neighbors, friends, colleagues, and You in another way to find happiness, new friends, and beautiful people. see more…

Sacred Ceremony Schedule and Details

“Step into your Higher Consciousness”
May 25, 2024 – Limited space

Programs - 2024

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That’s where our Free Discovery Session comes in. It’s your ticket to fast-tracking your journey to success. Whether you’re craving a big change, ready to unleash your inner powerhouse, or just want to level up ASAP, we’ve got your back.

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Breakthrough Session & Coaching

It is the The Prime Coaching Service at FerCoaching. BTS & Coaching was incorporated in to our services in 2022. Its is our Best Coaching Services at this moment. It has 100% effectiveness rate is the success deliver every time Specifically in Career, Relationships & Health.

Coaching For Coaches

This is another Prime Coaching Service at FerCoaching. Coaching for Coaches was incorporated in to our services in 2022. Its is based on our Best Coaching Services (BTS & Coaching). It’s my pleasure to help you to prevent the problems that you will face in the process of growing your business. How to organize you mind map, planing and Mindset. Develop Your Business‘ Communication & message for clients, Social Media, Related. How to find and attract enough New Clients to live a sustainable life with the Business Flow that You Want & the Income that you Deserve!

High-Quality Coaching

Dear prospective client, this is your opportunity to program your success for this year! In today’s age, the most effective way to grow and develop the skills you need to succeed in life is to rely on a skilled coach. As you well-know, all the successful sports leagues have proven that. Movie stars work with coaches well into their careers, the Elon Musks, Jeff Bezoses and Bill Clintons of the world have coaches to guide them. All the way to your kids in grade school.

Spiritual Coahing & Pranic Healing

I was guided to Pranic Healing almost 30 years ago. However, I began meditating in Martial Arts practices at the age of 12. I was fortunate enough to experience courses and be initiated in Arhatic Yoga, Pranic Feng Shui and Pranic Clairvoyance by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui.

Don Miguel Ruiz

Robert Pool & Anders Ericsson

Jeff Olson

Michael A. Singer

The key to succeed in everything you do is to prepare yourself for success. In that preparation you must include the proper planning, self-education and specifically reading that prepares your mind and soul and instills behaviors to help you overcome challenges, limitation and blockages. Here are my recommended “Must Read” Books that support my clients’ coaching progress and process.

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